Year 6 Get Creative With Batik Art

Year 6 have been doing batik work using the work of Romero Britto as their inspiration. They worked hard to try and make their designs big and bold without too much detail. Children chose a variety of different birds as their templates- and then added lines and dots to make their work more interesting.


Using hot paraffin wax, poured into a tjanting tool, children traced over their bird designs. The steadier their hands, the cleaner the lines they created.  They needed to work quickly to ensure that not too much wax was absorbed into the calico. It was also important that the wax wasn’t too cold so that the wax lines were thick enough to form a barrier and absorb the dye when they later painted and sponged their designs.


Once the wax had dried, children mixed their own colours and created bright, bold designs. We’re very impressed with how their pieces have turned out!