Firepit Fun For Upper Kindergarten

Upper Kindergarten Thomas were very excited to get outside and use their new firepit during their Forest School Learning. The children had prepared their own skewers in the classroom, carefully threading marshmallows onto their sticks.

Before getting close to the fire the children learnt about fire safety and what they should and shouldn’t do around the firepit, listening very carefully to the instructions from the adults.

Everyone stood very carefully around the firepit making sure they stayed behind their blocks at a safe distance and watched with excitement as Miss Thomas lit the fire. Upper Kindergarten took it in turns to toast their marshmallows, turning them around in their hands to make sure it was warm and gooey all the way through, before settling down to enjoy their treat and watch their friends take their turn.

The children even got the chance to try toasted sweetcorn and garlic bread, which was a big hit!

The activity was a huge success as can be seen by those sticky smiling faces and Upper Kindergarten can’t wait for their next outdoor adventure!