Year 6 Learn How To Save A Life

On Wednesday the 1st March,  the children in Year 6 took part in a first aid training course, learning about DR. ABC, how to assess whether someone needs help and how urgent the situation is. Using the resuscitation manikins, the children also learned how to do CPR. They needed to compress really quickly and with more force than they expected!

Pupils also learned about the possible reasons why people stop breathing and how to help them if they do. They can now confidently put a casualty into the recovery position and know how to help them if they are unresponsive.

In addition to this, the children also learned about other first aid emergencies and how to help someone with various types of burns, cuts and choking. They particularly enjoyed dislodging objects that someone might be choking on using the abdominal thrust on the manikins.

They asked some excellent questions and showed great maturity in dealing with a range of different first aid situations. Well done Year 6, you all deserve your ‘Mini First Aid’ certificates.