Pupil Spotlight



This week we are shining the spotlight on Abigail in Year 5, who is an avid Golf fan and player. Abigail sat down with us to share the news of her recent competition and what the sport really means to her.


We understand that you recently took part in a very exciting Golf competition, can you tell us a bit about the tournament?

The golf competition was called the U.S. Kids Golf Tour – held at Old Ford Manor Golf Club.  I played against 2 other girls, and we had another girl who was the only person in her age group! She would have won her group with no-one to play against.

As I always do before any tournament, I get myself a golf marker to remember the course with – I have a fair few of these now.

Half-way round the course our group got split up and my partner and I went ahead onto a different hole – I almost got hit by a golf ball by another girl. ….playing golf, you have to keep your wits about you!

The hardest hole was a par 5 which was the last hole and was about 300 yards.  It felt wonderful to get a medal at the end of the tournament – and have another marker for my collection!


What is it that you like about Golf? 

I love the feeling and it gives me a “great buzz” when you have finished a course.  I also love being driven around in the buggy carts – it’s a lovely way to see the view!


Can you remember at what age you started playing?

I was 9.


How do you prepare for a tournament?

I go to the range a lot and put in some extra practise with my shots.  Just before the tournament I also make sure I have everything I need with me – my pitch repair tool, ball marker, tee, ball and that all my clubs are clean.


How do you celebrate/relax after a tournament?

Usually I get to pick dinner.  Sometimes I get a toy!


Why would you recommend golf to other people your age?

I have made another circle of friends that I would not have otherwise met through playing golf.  There are not many girls currently playing so there is a nice bond between us.  Once you start to play it gets a bit addictive and you just want to go out to play the whole course again.

When I am older I would like to be a professional player and travel playing this sport all over the world.

I started by playing in the smaller competition – Golf 6 league where you play with a partner.

Then I went onto U.S. Kids because you play on your own against other girls/boys in your age group.  For me that is 9/10.

If you score less than 45 then you can play at Pinehurst in America – and if you win then you become the best kid in the world for that age group.


My collection of Golf Markers

What are golf markers? – You place the marker down when your ball is near a hole enabling the next player to take their shot at the hole without knocking your ball out of the way.  Sometimes you also use the maker down to line up the ball.

These are a small selection of the golf markers that I have collected since I have been playing.  The Emirates and Trump were collected while I was on holiday in Dubai.  The Emirates was a course where I played night gold in the club and I loved it!  The Trump golf marker was played at a course that is owned by Donald Trump.

My father and I have a matching Tottenham Hotspur golf maker have matching makers as we both support that team.


It was wonderful to hear about Abigail’s recent accomplishments and to really see the passion she has for the sport. Thank you for speaking to us, Abigail, and good luck in your future competitions!