Inspirational International Women’s Day Assembly

The school gathered into the hall for our International Women’s Day assembly lead by Miss Crick,with special helpers Jess and Delilah, Head Girl and Deputy Head.  Miss Crick was delighted to welcome some very special guests onto the stage – Alicia Alonso, Jill Scott, Malala Yousafzai and Beyonce Gieselle Knowles-Carter!

Jess and Delilah introduced the special guests in turn and told the school about different aspects of their lives.

Alicia Alonso was born sighted and became a great ballerina. Sadly, she fell ill at 19 and her eyesight started to decline. After being bedriden for months, Alicia was offered the opportunity to dance as the NYC prima ballerina. Though she was almost completely blind she followed her dreams and didn’t let anything get in her way.

Jill Scott is a record breaking Footballer who was part of the roaring lionesses success story that won the World Cup in 2022. Scott is one of only two players, men and women, to win over 150 caps for England, amassing 161 appearances for the lionesses before retiring in August 2022. She has overcome lots of prejudice in her career and is an inspiration to young girls across the country.

Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head on the way to school by the Taliban for standing up against their extreme views against the education of women. Malala didn’t let this stop her and has since gone on to become a female education activist and Nobel Prize winner as well as a successful author. Malala continues to fight against the oppression of women in countries were they cannot stand up for themselves and is an inspiration to millions across the world.

Beyonce is an award winning singer, songwriter, actress and dancer. She has been noted for her boundary-pushing artistry and her absolutely amazing ability. She has, throughout her solo career, rewritten the rules of album releases, of stage performance, of music videos, of Black representation, of cultural legacy, and of self-expression.


Once all the guests had been introduced we wondered how it was possible to choose who was the best women because they were all special for different reasons! These women were on fire!  Ivy, Ruby (6B) and Naya (6Z) went onto sing “This Girl is on Fire” by Alicia Keys to the whole school – it was really beautiful and everyone clapped enthusiastically.

We all put our hands together, eyes closed and listened to Jess and Delilah give the closing prayer to the school –


Dear Lord,

Thank you for all the wonderful women in our lives and in the world.

Thank you for all their talents and individuality.

Thank you for giving women the strength to overcome and beat anything.

Thank you for the men who support and stand by women in everything that they do.



Miss Crick wished everyone a wonderful day and thanked everyone for coming into the hall so well, sitting and listening with such respect to the details Jess and Delilah shared with us.  We also took this opportunity of thanking our Year 1 special special guests!