Bikeability 2023

Coopersale Hall Year 6 children enjoyed a challenging yet enjoyable Bikeability course this week.  Jess in 6B and Maxwell in 6Z have written their thoughts on the course:


On Monday 13th March and Tuesday 14th, half of Year 6 did their Bikeability, and the other half did it on Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th.

In the morning we practised turning, hand signals and basic cycling on the astro-turf.  At the beginning of the lesson, we fitted our helmets and did our ABCD check –


A = Air in tyres. B = Brakes. C= Chains in gears. D = Direction of handle bars.


After lunch we cycled down Flux’s Lane and started to cycle in the roads.  We learned about positions in the road and how to do a U-turn.  Eventually we ran out of time, so we cycled back to school to put our bikes away until our next session.

The next day, we went straight onto the roads, practising previous activities to warm up and how to cycle past a simple T-junction.  After the tiring morning, we refreshed ourselves with some well-deserved snacks!

Once our break ended, we peddled up the road, practising traffic diversion, traffic lights, turning in to junctions and more U-turns.

Our teachers were Matthew, Jeanette and Peter.  They were all very kind, encouraging and pushed us to our limits.  It was a great experience and was very enjoyable.