Easter Assembly With Reverend Lee Batson

Reverend Lee Batson was welcomed into school for a very entertaining Easter assembly.  He asked us to think about Easter – and told us that whenever he thought about it he always thought about food!  The children raised their hands and called out the foods that they associated with Easter – Chocolate eggs were a unanimous favourite, but hot cross buns had a mixed response.

“Why is there a cross on the bun?” Reverend Lee Batson asked.  The children were quick to reply that it was because Jesus had died on the cross.  We discovered that the monk who initially thought of the hot cross bun had come from St Albans.

A selection of children from all year groups were invited onto the stage.  Reverend Lee Batson asked us all “How quickly can these children eat half a hot cross bun?” All of the children on stage rushed to eat the bun as quickly as possible, with James in 6Z finishing his first.

Reverend Lee Batson then posed a question to us all – “Think carefully about what I asked – how quickly could half a hot cross bun be eaten? If I had taken my half of the bun and torn it into many small pieces and shared, would I have not finished quicker?  This is the story of Easter – how Jesus shared his love with thousands of people, rose again to save the world.  It was Jesus who challenged selfishness and came into our lives to show love.”

Rev Lee Batson then explained that the Easter egg represented Jesus’ tomb and the sweet inside was a special surprise. Jesus was in the tomb and our special gift. He rose from the tomb to show us that there is a more beautiful future available for all of us.

Rev Lee Batson finished with, “Hands together and eyes closed for a prayer.” The closing prayer thanked Jesus for the love that he had shown us all and thanked Jesus for teaching us how to share his love with us all.

Miss Barnard thanked the children for being so respectful and well behaved and to Reverend Lee Batson for his wonderful assembly.  She also reminded everyone that they would having the Easter Bonnet Parade next week and looked forward to seeing what creations we would be enjoying together.