An Eggcellent Gift For Epping Forest Food Bank

The children at Coopersale Hall donated Easter eggs and Easter sweets to help Epping Forest Food Bank to provide Easter treats for families struggling in the lead-up to the holidays.  We wanted as many families as possible to be able to celebrate Easter.

Following our collection we received this message from Amy Perridge at Epping Forest Food Bank.

“Thank you and to all your students for the egg-cellent collection you’ve done for us!

I can happily say, that we received over 60 eggs and some beautiful and very yummy looking treats.

Overall, it weighed 17.7kg, which is the same weight as 25 Comoro Black Flying Foxes! Comoro Black Flying Fox (Pteropus livingstonii) is the largest and rarest bat found in the Comores and is listed as Critically Endangered.”

So, a great big Thank You once again to Coopersale Hall for your support of the local community.

As the children were intrigued about the animal food bank had mentioned, we learnt little more about the Comoro Black Flying Fox:

It is found on two islands in the Comoro island chain. These islands are Nzwani, also called Anjouan, and Mwali, also called Moheli. The Comoro Islands consist of an archipelago of volcanic islands situated off the south eastern coast of Africa, to the east of Mozambique and North West of Madagascar.