House Assemblies

Beech House:

The children arrived at their assembly to their house song “Don’t Stop Me Now” and were delighted to see two members of their house wearing the blue bird mascot. Everyone put their heads together to think about what the blue bird could be called and let Maxwell know their ideas.  We’re looking forward to hearing the final choice.  There were lots of children who would like to represent the house and wear the mascot costume at the forthcoming Sports Day.  Everyone felt that the mascot would help them to work together and try their best at the event!

Oak House:

The children were curious to see the faces on the whiteboard – and were engaged to learn that Walt Disney lost his job because they said he had no ideas!  Did he give up? JK Rowling struggled to make ends meet and had to write while working.  Did she give up on her dream? Thomas Edison was told by a really rude teacher that he was so stupid that he would learn nothing! Did he give up? Michelle Jordon was dropped from his school basketball team because he had not made enough shots! Did he give up?

Mrs Hogarth explained how none of these people gave up on their dreams and persisted no matter how much they got knocked down. Something else that never gives up is their house mascot the squirrel – because he is an animal that has to keep going all year round to ensure that he has enough food for the winter. The children resolved that they would do their best at Sports Day and never give up – win or lose their race, they knew that everyone would be proud of them for not giving up.

Chestnut House:

The children gathered together in the studio and enjoyed sharing how they had spent the coronation weekend. Mrs Graves was delighted to hear the lovely things that they had all experienced. She then asked them to think of a song that they felt was special enough to become their house song.  Everyone was delighted that “We Know The Way” from Moana had been selected.  The words of the song… believing in yourself, knowing what you want to achieve…  mirrored the ethos that Chestnut house wanted to achieve.  If the children know what they want to achieve in school and in life, then it helps them all to work towards meeting their goals.

Everyone got up and practised learning the words so that they can sing it loud and proud during sports day.  Mrs Graves reminded the children that the words were available on see-saw and that if they posted a video of them enjoying learning the words then they would definitely deserve some house-points.

Willow House:

Amari in 4G was thrilled to model the Willow house mascot to all of her house – a beautiful bumble bee! This mascot had been selected by Miss Gilbert from all the suggestions that the house had put forward.  She asked the children to think hard and come up with name suggestions for the bee and also thoughts on a house motto to underpin the bumble bee theme.  She reminded the children that bumble bee was really important to the eco-system, they were yellow and that bumble bees particularly like Willow trees – a perfect fit!

Each child was then given a sticker to wear that posed a question:

  1. Do too many children’s books have happy endings?
  2. If you could ask an animal a question, then what would you ask them?
  3. What qualities make a person you know into a good person?

Going around the hall asking and answering the different questions allowed everyone to mix together, provoke thought and foster their own opinions.  Everyone enjoyed listening to each others points of view and have made new friends.