Year 1 Take Us On An Ocean Adventure

Over the last couple of weeks year 1 have been delighted to share their assemblies with their families and children within the school.  Both classes have taken us to an undersea setting and were inspired by a story book. 1C used “Little Tiddler” and 1H used “Sharing a Shell” to convey their important message.


Little Tiddler – The only big thing about Little Tiddler is his imagination, each day he dreams up a new tale to explain this lateness at school.  The other students don’t believe him, but Little Johnny Dory loves Tiddler’s stories and passes them on to his granny, who then tells them to her friends.

One day Little Tiddler has a real adventure and actually gets lost in the big ocean until he overhears a familiar story of the exploits of a fish named Tiddler.  He follows his own story until he finds himself back in familiar waters and makes it back to school.  His classmates don’t believe his tale -of course they don’t! Little Tiddler is the FISH WHO CRIED WOLF – but Little Johnny Dory believes him!


Sharing A Shell – A tiny hermit crab finds his very own shell.  He doesn’t like sharing it, but some funny looking sea creatures convince him otherwise.  The anemone and the bristle worm work together with the hermit crab to make the shell the best possible place to live.

However, things soon get too crowded and this leads to unhappy feelings.

This story highlights the important role that sharing plays in building lasting friendships, working as a team to make your world run smoothly, and with every member in a team co-operating and using all their individual strengths.


Both classes brought their undersea world to life with their lovely acting, glorious songs and fantastic costumes which gave all the fish real personality.

Each assembly closed with a school prayer which asked everyone to look after this eco-system and not to pollute the Oceans with plastic and waste:

Thank you for our families and friends who are with us today.

Thank you for all the wonderful sea creatures that live in our oceans.

Thank you for teaching us how to look after them and not to throw litter on our seas and on the beach.


Little Tiddler Assembly

Sharing A Shell