Year 3 Take A Trip To Ancient Greece

The children had a wonderful day on the trip to the British Museum yesterday, visiting as part of their history topic on Ancient Greece.

During their visit, they attended a workshop where they examined many ancient artefacts.  The workshop was amazing, very interactive and fun.


The children were delighted and said:

Abigail 3B “We learnt a lot about the ancient Greeks.  Ian, the workshop leader was fantastic!”


Once the workshop was completed the children went to a Greek restaurant and had Greek food just like the Ancient Greeks. It was delicious!’

Everyone enjoyed the food and gave the restaurant a five star review. Lilly in 3B agreed saying that her halloumi wrap was “definitely worth the wait.”


Margaux and Marnie in 3C said “it was an exciting day and we really enjoyed everything about what we saw, learnt and ate.”


It was a great day out in London and the children returned very tired with full bellies.  Mrs Burgess and Miss Curl were delighted with how well the children listened and asked very interesting questions during the workshop.  They were thrilled at how well behaved and well-mannered the children were at the restaurant.  Well done year 3!