An Incredible Gilwell Residential

Last week our Year 5 pupils thoroughly enjoyed their Gilwell residential. They got up to so many activities in the few days they were there, and had so much fun making memories together.

The children have written a thank you card to their Team Leader Joao, and also gave him some feedback on the activities and instructors.

Imogen – 5G

My favourite activity was the 3G Swing and the Leap of Faith.  I enjoyed these activities because I loved jumping off the top of the platform – it was so much fun! I got to shout Starburst and Skittles as I came down. I loved pulling the rope and then falling down. I really liked the swinging on the 3G Swing. My favourite instructor was the one who helped us with the Leap of Faith. She was very kind and patient. Thank you Joao for looking after us at the lodge. Everyone that helped was very kind and they made everything exciting and fun. THANK YOU EVERYONE!

Simran – 5N

I really enjoyed Gilwell Park because all the the activities were fun  I liked Cande because she was kind and firm. She also told me not to be scared when I jumped. She was also encouraging. My favourite activities were Archery and Leap of Faith. I like archery because the instructor made the lesson fun and told us the techniques of how to do it. With this in mind I managed to get two bullseyes. I like the Leap of Faith because I like heights and climbing. I would also like to say thank you to Joao for looking after us.

Defne – 5G

I really enjoyed archery and I think the instructor Luna was really fun. I think it was one of my favourite activities. Another that I really enjoyed was Team Building as well. But I have to say that my all-time favourite activity was the Tomahawk throwing. I think you had to be really strong to do it. My favourite instructor was Luna who was the teacher for Archery they and another one was Gharde. Thank you, Joao.

Tommy – 5N

My favourite activity was Archery because it felt exciting and like real life. I liked Eker from Mexico because he was kind and welcoming since it was our first activity there. This was the Bouldering, and he asked us questions that we had to answer to see who would be the next pair to go next. Thank you for looking after us Joao.

General comments for the teachers:

There was a lot of learning and children overcame different challenges over the week.  Our focus was team building and communication skills. We were delighted with how polite the children behaved and how they were willing to engage in all the various activities that they had the opportunity of doing whilst at the lodge. Our team leader, Joao, fed back to us that the instructors enjoyed working with our children and staff. Thank you to all the encouragement from our parents.

Comments from a parent:

Thank you very much for an excellent week!  Our child had the best time ever.  I asked what her what her favourite activity was, when she finished telling me I realised she had covered all the activities!

Thank you for looking after them. She has some wonderful memories of her teachers and being with her friends at Gilwell.