Pupil Spotlight – Rocco – Year 2

We are proud that Rocco in 2B has been asked to represent Finta Futsal Elite Futsal Team in ASB Barcelona Tournament in Spain.

We asked Rocco how he was feeling about being a part of this tournament and he said “I am excited about going to Spain and playing in the tournament.  I do a lot of football training for two different teams and also Finta Futsal.

I had been scouted by Finta Futsal and played with their team once a week and now I have been selected to be part of this team playing in the tournament.  The position I play is left wing. I think it will be amazing.”

What are the differences between Futsal and Football?

Futsal is 5 a side whereas Football is 11 players.

Futsal is also usually played indoors on a much harder surface and with a heavier ball that is smaller and less bouncy.

The size of a Futsal pitch is 40m by 20m, making for a longer, thinner playing space.

The benefits of Futsal is that it forces players to develop a high level of technical proficiency due to the tight space and fast-paced nature of the game.  Players much be able to control the ball in a small space, under pressure from opponents and make quick decisions about where to pass or shoot the ball.

This translates well to traditional football, where players often find themselves in similar situations on the field but with more time and space!

Mr Barham was delighted to learn of this wonderful opportunity and awarded Rocco 20 House points for being resilient and putting in so much effort and hard work.

We wish Rocco and his team a wonderful tournament and look forward to hearing his news upon his return.