Year 5 Woodland Adventure!

On Thursday 22nd June, Year 5 went to Epping Learning Centre for a workshop that taught them about the different soils that Epping Forest is made up of.  They tested three different types of soil: humus, sand and clay, for permeability.   The children experimented to see which type of soil was the most appropriate to build a dam with.  All their findings were written onto a sheet so that they could analyse the results.  They discovered that clay soil was the best for building a dam as it was impermeable and malleable.  The children were put into groups and were given a rucksack that contained all the equipment that they would need to commence their investigations.  These are some of their thoughts on the workshop:


Poppy in 5N – I really enjoyed this experience, I thought it was very interesting to discover what was permeable and impermeable.  Building the dam was fun.


Sophie in 5G – I found the investigations very interesting.  Using the equipment was great and the instructions were very clear so that we could record the results of our investigations.


Aimee in 5N – I really enjoyed doing this workshop, because I thought that it would not be fun but it turned out to be excellent.   It was lovely to walk around the forest and see how beautiful nature is.


Defne in 5G – I think it was really fun and interesting because I enjoyed learning about different types of soils and what the different layers of soil were.


Epping Forest was the perfect place to be on this beautiful day and the children thoroughly enjoyed learning so much and discovering what wonderful things that we have around us.  We want to say a big Thank You to Olivia for running the event.