5N Fund-raising

As their final Oak Tree Silver Award Challenge, 5N (CHS) organised a fund-raising toy sale for their chosen charity, Syria/Turkiye Earthquake Appeal.

They had to plan and prepare for the big occasion, and everyone had a part to play:


  1. Drumming up interest with poster production and classroom communication;
  2. Collecting donations requires savvy storage solutions and canny categorising;
  3. Meeting customer needs: stock display, helping children to choose and to spend;
  4. Learning: how a raffle works, what is a float, how to give change, listening, providing customer satisfaction, and honing entrepreneurial skills.


We would like to acknowledge the parental patience while children either surfed the sale or served the customers. We suspect a few late dinners, all be it with happy children, in aid of a great cause.

In addition, we were able to support another school needing some resources by donating our unsold items.

Steve Grenfell (multi-sports coach), who knows the school personally, took our contributions and our best wishes. We know everything will be fully utilised. Thank you, Steve.

Well done, 5N. You were enthusiastic, rushing in early, staying late, and showing off your entrepreneurial skills whilst thinking of others. The final amount is a fantastic £363!