Friday Celebration Assembly

Friday Celebration Assembly, 30th June, 2023


Our Celebration Assembly opened with a raffle!  Miss Barnard asked Miss Thomas to take out the tickets and call out the fortunate winners.  Each child was pleased to come to the front of the hall and choose the prize that they most wanted.


This assembly marked the end of the week long, 5N Toy Sale fundraiser for their chosen charity, which is the Syria/Turkiye Earthquake Appeal. Money is still coming in and it looks like they raised close to £400. 5N would like to thank EVERYONE who helped by contributing items for the sale and for allowing their children to buy their chosen treasures to rehome.


Miss Barnard was delighted to announce who had been awarded the Scientist of the Week certificate, gained a Merit Certificate, a Bucket Filler Certificate and also those pupils in 3B who were thrilled to receive their pen license.  We also applauded the achievements of pupils for their out of school activities.  Jesse in 2V shared a trophy he had gained for taking part in a Football Tournament, Emelia in 3G showed everyone her winning medal for the Tumbling Competition, and Isla in 5N for achieving her grade 5 in Singing – which she was proud to inform everyone was actually at GCSE level.


We also celebrated the Readathon – it was a real success! Thank you to everyone who joined in and to all of the sponsors. The children read for an entire month, getting sponsored for their brilliant reading! As a whole we have raised a huge amount of £1050! The children who read the most during the Readathon month, won a brand new book to enjoy. The money raised has been sent to our local children’s hospital so that authors can come in and read to the children, as well as books for the children to read themselves. As a school, we will also receive a percentage of the total amount raised in Scholastic vouchers so that we can build up engaging and exciting new books for our library and classroom bookshelves.


Our assembly drew to a close with the school prayer and Miss Barnard wished everyone a wonderful and happy day.