Simran’s Superb Research

Mrs Graves has been extremely impressed with the hard work and level of detail in Simran’s research of the Norman period as part of the Humanities Club focus for the last few weeks.

The children have been working on a topic of their choice, either the period of history that is their favourite, a period that they knew the least about, or an individual that they wanted to discover more about.

Simran feelings on this independent work were:

“I am very interested in the four battles and how lots of people wanted to be the King.  I think that the Battle of Hastings was the most interesting and I would love to visit this site.  I would also love to see the Bayeux Tapestry which explains the battles in pictures.”

Simran has completed an excellent piece of research in her own words, going above and beyond!  The standard with which this work was presented to Mrs Graves was outstanding and she was delighted to read about the individuals that Simran had chosen to research.