Celebration Assembly

The whole school gathered together in the hall for our first Celebration Assembly of this academic year.  The Head Girl, Simran in 6B, and Head Boy, Oscar in 6Z, together with their Deputies, Donald and Poppy in 6B introduced themselves to everyone and gave a speech to the school outlining their feelings, hope and aspirations for the year ahead.

These are some extracts from their speeches:

Head Girl – Simran –

“Being Head Girl is an amazing honour and a dream come true…I believe that I was chosen to be Head Girl because I am kind, responsible, hard-working, honest, caring and sensible.  There is a piece of advice that I would like to share with you – it doesn’t matter if you are not the best at everything, always try your best at everything you attempt.  Always persevere, even when you think that you have run out of options. So don’t stop believing in yourself and remember; one day, it could be you making this speech.”

Head Boy – Oscar

“I was over the moon when my name was read out for the role of Head Boy.  I can’t wait to get stuck into my academic and physical education. I am looking forward to working with all of you, as together we can achieve remarkable things for our school.  I would like to welcome all the new students and teachers to our brilliant school.  This year my goal is to bring positive changes to encourage a supportive and responsible environment for which our schools’ students can be in.

Follow our school motto “Superans Conando” which is Latin for “to overcome”.  Always believe in yourself and each other so even if you lose a game of football or you don’t get a good enough score on a math test you can always say congratulations…I am asking everyone to be kind, considerate and helpful in all classes.”

Deputy Head Girl – Poppy

“I hope to be a role model to other pupils who are younger than I am.  Open days are days where people come to visit us, and potentially join us, and I’d like to help grow the population of pupils.  I would like to represent the school in tournaments, the Remembrance Parade, singing competitions and more.  I hope to inspire others to participate! If you are not sure about something, please don’t forget to find me or anyone else in Year 6 and we will try and sort your issues out for you.”

Deputy Head Boy – Donald

“I am trustworthy and honest and would be happy to help anyone in the school who needs anything.

Balancing the hard work with the fun is important to having an enjoyable time at school.

I am looking forward to helping the school, working hard in class and having fun in clubs with my friends. I hope that you enjoy your year and balance hard work with having fun.”

Everyone in the hall applauded the speeches and were given the opportunity of asking any questions that they might have.

Mrs Zylstra asked everyone if they had been welcomed by their class prefects this morning and hoped that each prefect and their class would have a wonderful year together.   Everyone considered what the role of the prefects entailed and Mrs Zylstra explained that if everyone works together to ensure that they listen to one another and follow instructions than this relationship can be very supportive and beneficial to everyone.  She illustrated the importance of mutual respect and caring with pictures of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples.

The assembly drew to a close with a prayer and wishing everyone a happy and enjoyable week at school with plenty of moments to celebrate.