Whole School Celebration Assembly

The whole school gathered into the hall at the start of this new week together.  Mrs Burgess commenced the assembly by asking the children what they understood about “The Listening Ear” and how this works within the school.

Jack in 6Z explained to everyone “it is a way that you could let the teachers know that you had issues with emotions, family or school and that you needed to share them to help you to overcome these feelings.”

Mrs Burgess was delighted with this and went onto explain that there is a post box outside the studio where children could fill in a small form, that they could get from their teacher, that would inform Mrs Burgess which teacher YOU would like to share YOUR worry with.

Throughout the school there are “Listening Ear” posters with pictures of all the teachers that you could choose to speak with. These teachers also wear a lanyard to help you easily identify them.  She felt it was a lovely way in which if you had a ‘little worry’ that you could stop it growing into a ‘big worry’ by talking it through and this could help you to overcome and feel better about how you are feeling.

If you feel you needed just a bit more time to talk, then if you let your teacher know,  you could also go to the “Listening Club” held on a Monday lunch-time.  Mrs Burgess told the children that she was always there to help you with your worries – and you were welcome to come any week – as long as you let your teachers know that you wanted that extra time.

Our assembly continued with everyone applauding children who had received science certificates and merit certificates awarded by their teachers.  Year 5 were thrilled to get a whole class award for commencing the year with their hard work, and Year 3 were also pleased to be awarded their certificate for excellent team-building during their camp residential.  We also announced our first “Star of the Week” children who were awarded this certificate by their classmates for their positive support and attitude.  Well done to everyone.

We went onto celebrating the children who had been awarded for their achievements outside of school, with Georgina in 6B for her trampoline proficiency certificate, Amelia in 7R and Sophie in 6Z for passing a grade for their violin.  Beatrice in 1C celebrated gaining the Karate medal for her excellent moves and Jessica in 4B who shared with the school the medals she had gained in her gymnastic groups and also showed the school a picture that she had been given for being voted player of the week against her football club.  She had been selected because she had carried on with the match even after being hurt!

Mrs Bull, Miss Crick and Mrs Doherty thanked everyone for listening so beautifully and hoped that they would have a lovely week at school.