Year 7’s initial thoughts on our first week as Senior pupils

This September we have made history! We are the first ever Year 7 pupils at Coopersale Hall School. We feel very privileged to have this opportunity, but with great privilege comes great responsibility! We know that we need to set a good example for the younger pupils so we have been practising looking smart in our brand new Senior School uniform and practising walking around the building quietly and independently. We have lots of new and fabulous teachers and we are excited about our new subjects. We are working really hard in lessons and we definitely have noticed the difference in the amount and standard of work expected from us. Homework has also increased but we have the chance to go to homework club after school for help, if we need it. One of the most exciting things for us has been the new tuck shop, which is exclusively for Senior School pupils. We can still eat our fruit snack if we want it but we also have the chance to ‘treat’ ourselves after a hard mornings work. We have collected together our initial thoughts on our first week as Senior pupils:

  • The first week of secondary school has been almost the same as Year 6. It is slightly harder and it will probably get even harder, but it isn’t as bad as I expected. (Sofia)
  • I have really enjoyed my first week back because I have made new friends and the lessons are really fun. (Amelia)
  • My first week of being here has been amazing and enjoyable. I have met some very nice people. My favourite lesson so far is Science. (Darcey)
  • My first week has been very nice. Everyone is my friend and they are very kind. I still don’t fully know my way around but I know that there are people to help me. (Obi)
  • It’s been fun and enjoyable. I have loved spending time with the new students. (Mimi)
  • My first week has been fun. There is a lot more homework than Primary and that is a bit stressful. (Aiden)
  • My first week has been great! The work is hard and there is a lot of it, but that is all a part of moving into Secondary school.  Having new faces with both students and teachers has been really nice. (Ivy)
  • I have really enjoyed my first week in Year 7. Mrs R-S has been really welcoming and kind towards all of us. The work has been challenging but I enjoy doing new work. (Ruby)
  • This week at CHS Seniors has been fun. We are lucky that we didn’t miss our PE lesson this week! (Delilah)
  • My first week at Coopersale Seniors was great. I have made new friends and I love the new teachers. The only thing I don’t like is having so much homework, but I will learn to deal with it. (Andres)
  • It was like a normal school week, but harder. (George)
  • My first week back has been amazing. I have had fun with my friends and I have made new friends. I like the lessons and I like that we get more food too! (Atilla)
  • I’ve loved my first week, everything except homework! Everyone is really kind and happy. (Jackson)
  • My first week has gotten better. The lessons are fun and I like the teachers, they are kind. (Henry).