Oak, Willow, Chestnut and Beech House Welcome Assembly

All the children gathered in their houses and welcomed all the new members that they now had.    They were also delighted to be introduced to their new House Prefect from year 6.

  • Head of House – Beech – Mrs Biddle / Year 6 Beech Head – Sophie
  • Head of House – Oak     – Mrs Hogarth / Year 6 Oak Head – Defne
  • Head of House – Willow – Miss Gilbert / Year 6 Willow Head – Evie
  • Head of House – Chestnut – Mrs Graves / Year 6 Chestnut Head – Georgina

Time was taken to reflect upon what it meant to be in your house and everyone thought very carefully and decided that there were many things that could help promote a happy and successful year ahead.

Good team-work was ranked very highly and this had many benefits from getting things done quickly and efficiently, to being supportive and kind when people were trying their very best.

It would be important to be encouraging to one another when we had sports day or were involved in representing our school during fixtures.

Sharing good ideas with each other could help people to understand what strengths our house mates had and this could be wonderful when getting a task completed.  Listening to each other was thought to be a good skill to remember and also having good manners would reflect really well on your house.

Everyone was reminded of their house motto and mascot and they all enjoyed ending the assembly listening to the song that each house had selected.  Everyone was united in believing that they should get to know each other, be supportive of one another and never give up!