Whole School Harvest Assembly

We were delighted to come together and enjoy our Harvest Assembly lead by Mrs Newbigging.  We all reflected upon what wonderful things were being grown by our farmers and how grateful we were that they worked from dawn to dusk so that we had food to eat.

We were delighted to start with the wonderful rendition of “Harvest Time is Here Again” from Year 1, complete with actions.  Then Year 6 came to the stage and thanked God and the farmers for their hard work, especially as many farmers live below the poverty line.  Blaise in 6B brought this section of the assembly to a close with a prayer thanking those who work so hard and tirelessly.

Selected readers from Year 2 came to the stage and helped us to reflect that, like the farmers, we reap what we sow: if you are kind and caring you can sow the seeds of friendship; unkind words will not help sow the seed to grow a wonderful relationship with everyone around you.

When Year 3 and 4 came to the stage, they told us what an amazing world this is – and that we all need to work together to improve our planet and make it a healthy environment.  They read out to us 10 simple good habits that we could all easily achieve that would help make a difference to this world we live on.  These included not letting the tap run with water when we are cleaning our teeth, turn off the lights when we are not in the room, wear a jumper instead of turning up the heating at home (maybe just put on a jumper), and consider using rechargeable batteries instead of single use – this will not only help the planet but your budgets too!  It is important that we all work together and start NOW.

We joined together to sing a Harvest Song, and everyone sang beautifully.  A group of Year 7 children came to the stage to relate how donating food together at this time of the year to give to charity helps aid our community and allows us to reflect upon our own good fortune.

We ended the assembly with a prayer thanking God for all our good fortune.  A big thank you to everyone who kindly contributed towards the harvest donations.  The Year 6 Head of School Council, Emre and Elena, will be assisting with organising to take these donations to the Epping Forest Food Bank.