Author Visit

On Monday 16th October, we had a famous children’s poet and author visit our school. Neal Zetter led two assemblies – one for KS1 and another for KS2 and KS3. He read some of his poems to the children. They thoroughly enjoyed his fun and interactive poetry. They were able to join in with the rhyming words, rhythm or simply listen and enjoy his child friendly and exciting content. The children were then given the opportunity to ask Neal questions. Some examples of the questions were ‘How long does it take you to write a poem book?’ and ‘What inspires you to write your poems?’ Neal was able to answer all the questions the children asked and it was lovely to see them so inquisitive.

Neal also took time, after the assembly, to read poetry that Scarlett in 3G had written. He was thrilled that the workshop had inspired her to write her own poetry.

After school, Neal held a book sign and sale. Several children were very enthusiastic to buy his books and lots were inspired to write their own poems.

Thank you Neal for inspiring our children and making them see the joy in poetry.