Diwali Assembly 2023

Mrs Newbigging was delighted to welcome everybody back to school for our first assembly in the hall. Sitting in a ‘U’ shape, they listened while she explained that during this time of the year a number of festivals are celebrated. One of these festivals is Diwali which will be held on the 12th November, 2023. The children were asked what they knew about this festival: Diwali is the Hindu Festival of Light, and the story that is remembered during Diwali is that of Rama and Sita. House Points were awarded for the excellent contributions!

Mrs Newbigging asked the children what they do if they have a guest coming to visit. The children shared how they might tidy their rooms, prepare activities and have some food ready. They were told that, in the same way, Hindus prepare to receive the goddess Lakshmi into their homes at Diwali.

They prepare their homes by cleaning and tidying, they may wear new clothes, buy gifts, prepare special food and light Diwa lamps. They will also decorate outside the front door with a Rangoli pattern, often made with colourful sand.

The assembly finished with a number of children being invited to work together to make colourful, sand Rangoli patterns where everyone could look on.