Remembrance Parade

In 2023 the theme for Remembrance Sunday is remembering and honouring Service.
This is inclusive; physical, mental or emotional injury or trauma; the absence of time with loved ones; or the pressures that come from serving, highlight why the Remembrance of service is so important. This year we mark significant anniversaries united by the theme of ‘Service’.

Laying The Wreath

Head Girl – Simran
On Sunday, I was given an honourable opportunity to lay the wreath in Epping. I felt pride come over me as I placed the wreath at the Cenotaph. It was a very serious matter. I was proud to lay the wreath as Head Girl and represent my school. I am very glad that I had this amazing opportunity and I hope whoever is Head Girl next year will feel as honoured as I did.

Head Boy – Oscar
On Sunday 12th November I placed our school wreath on the Cenotaph in Epping. As I walked out towards the Cenotaph I felt so excited and nervous at the same time. It was so quiet and very intense. It was an honour and I hope that the Head Boy next year will appreciate this opportunity to represent the school in this way as much as I did.