Celebration Assembly – Monday 20th November, 2023

We gathered into the hall to celebrate together the achievement of pupils last week. Mrs Doherty announced those children who had been awarded with their science and merit certificates given by Mrs Carter and each teacher for the wonderful commitment to learning they have shown. Everyone was delighted to applaud these pupils. Children that had received “Star of the Week” certificates from their classmates were also congratulated for their kindness and helpfulness throughout last week.

Lavinia in 1V came to the front of the hall and told Mrs Doherty how she had received her wonderful medal won at her recent gymnastic competition. She told us that the competition had been held in Manchester and that her squad had won first place.
Mrs Doherty called up the children that had participated in the Oaktree Mental Maths competition to the front of the hall and was proud to show everyone the trophy that they had won. Donald in 6B read out a report reflecting on this experience to everyone in the hall.

Each member of the team received a certificate for participating and Mrs Doherty was proud to announce that Coopersale Hall School had been the winners for the last nine years. Very well done to all the children.

Mrs Gowland and Skye in 6Z came to the front of the hall and they were delighted to announce the children that they had been chosen to be part of the eco-council this forthcoming year. Skye said that they had found this really hard to select as all the entries had some wonderful and thoughtful ideas.

The assembly came to a close with Mrs Doherty wishing everyone a happy and wonderful busy week of learning.