Our Eco-Council 2023/2024

Children who wished to be considered as part of the Eco-Council were invited to write a letter and/or present a poster with their thoughts regarding how they would enjoy being a member of this council. Miss Gowland and Skye in 6B selected the children from the many entries that had been received. Skye in 6B, who is Head of Eco-Council, was proud to announce in our Celebration Assembly this week, the children who would be part of the team.

The children selected were:

  • RG – Miles
  • RS – Buddy
  • RM – Amelia
  • IV – Jaini
  • IC – Anne
  • 2H – Sophie
  • 2N – Beau
  • 3B – Phoebe
  • 3G – Scarlett
  • 4G – Olivia
  • 4B – Theo
  • 5G – Amelia

Skye – “It was wonderful to see how much effort everyone had put into their entries. I was really impressed and am really looking forward to working with everyone on the Eco-Council.”

These are some of the thoughts that the children expressed in their entry letters:

Buddy in RS “Whenever I go out I see litter on the pavement or at the beach when we go. Sometimes the litter is right next to the bin! I looks horrid and it smells. I have been picking up the litter I see and recycling it if I can to make the world a better place.”

Amelia in RM “Let’s share our abundance! We can buy and deliver food to those in need, ensuring no one goes hungry. Plant an apple tree in our gardens which we can share with our neighbours, promoting a sense of community.”

Jaini in 1V – “Eat no meat on one day of the week, which I think will help to cut down the greenhouse gasses and it will be very healthy.”

Sophie in 2H – “I would like to be in the Eco-Council because I want to help the environment. Some of the things we can do to help are: Create a safer path so children can walk or cycle to school. Raise money for charity such as Greenpeace which would be wonderful.”

Beau in 2N – She created an Eco-Council suggestion box and inside she put her suggestions, such as take a book and give a book – Book Swap. Create a school vegetable garden. Classes can take turns to look after the garden and educate each other as to why it is important to each healthy and grown your own food. We could also create a compost bin from the peelings of the fruit and vegetable that we eat at school. Make a bigger school pond for the wildlife and insects.

Phoebe in 3B – “I got inspired to be an eco-council member when I visited the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Royal Museum in Greenwich. I watched a show called “we are guardians”, it was about how to help our eco system. My favourite eco activity will definitely by class litter picking.”

Olivia in 4G – “Have a plastic-waste assembly. Have a club that makes things from recycled items. Have a garden club – I can help out in the gardening club, as I have been growing my own fruit and vegetables in my garden and it is really cool and relaxing.

Miss Gowland and Skye thought that there were some wonderful ideas and thoughts presented and look forward to a year where they will be implementing some of these suggestions.

Well done to everyone who entered and well done to those that have been selected – we hope you have a wonderful year ahead.