Special Assembly Held by Year 6

On 29th November Year 6 held a special assembly to share with the school what they have been doing in their music lessons.

Year 6 have been following our Orchestral Programme, where pupils get the chance to try different melody instruments and learn how to play together in an ensemble. The pupils have been fantastic, taking responsibility for their instruments and music. In this term’s classroom orchestra, we had pupils learning violin, guitar, cello, clarinet, saxophone, flute, glockenspiel, cornet, euphonium, trombone and bass recorder. They have experienced all aspects of musicianship, such as good practice techniques and how to care for an instrument. Learning an instrument develops resilience, builds confidence, enhances memory and abstract reasoning skills. It increases discipline, teamwork and time management skills as well as making you more creative and happy.

These are the thoughts of our year 6 prefects:

Rauf in 6B – Head of Music
I am very proud because of the effort that everyone has made. It is my dream to inspire the world with music and be the next Beethoven. Today I played the bass recorder. I also enjoy playing the piano, trombone and the cornet. I would like to thank Mrs Jones for this incredible experience and being head of music, really helping me to begin my wonderful music journey.

Aimee in 6B – Music Monitor
This year I am the music monitor and I have to say that it is a great experience. I really encourage everyone to try doing something artistic like singing, dancing, drama or playing an instrument. At the moment I am playing the cello and I am very passionate about this instrument. I am really proud of all the year 6’s and would like to thank Mrs Jones for her wonderful music teaching which has given me a lot of pleasure and making me feel very proud of this role within the school.

The year 6s certainly brought joy to their audience as they played through a number of pieces. We featured small groups playing pieces like “Merrily” and “Oh When the Saints”. There were surprises in store during “Tap Dancer”, which features musicians making the sound of tap shoes, and “Tiptoe, Boo!” which has a loud surprise “Boo!” at the end. The pupils finished their concert by playing “Jingle Bells” altogether. It was a great assembly, well done Year 6.

We offer lessons in lots of instruments and can even rent instruments in some circumstances, please talk to Mrs Jones if you would like to start or continue learning an instrument.