Year 3 Visit to Christmas Tree Festival at St John’s Epping

Year 3 visited St John’s Church, Epping on 1st December. They received a warm welcome by all of the friendly staff there. They walked a magical pathway through the church, viewing a Christmas tree festival, decorated by all of the local schools, community clubs and so on. The children were thrilled to see the tree designed using art work created by children at Coopersale Hall!  

They then enjoyed a delicious cake and juice, kindly served by Mrs Lane.  Some of the girls in year 3 began an impromptu sing song! They sung ‘Naughty’ from Matilda the musical and several Christmas carols such as jungle bell rock. They attracted a lovely audience of local people that were visiting the church at that time.  

We also took a moment to write out some of our Christmas wishes and put them onto the tree.  We had a gorgeous time and truly felt the festive spirit.