“How does the internet work?” Introduced by Jack in 6Z

The children in KS2 gathered together for their assembly which was hosted by Jack in 6Z who is the Head of Technology.  His assembly was on “How does the internet work?”

He presented his information in as a power point that he had put together and discussed what different types of computers are available.  His lively presentation asked the children to think about how information gets to or from our computers and what language these different types of computers use to identify each other.  He clearly explained how all the computers on the internet know about each other – just like children at school – everyone knows each other either directly or through someone else. 

Everyone was fascinated to learn that the information sent by computers is sent by underwater cables connected around the world. Also that information is broken up like a jigsaw and sent by the cables to its destination in small packets because it is easier and faster to manage smaller packets of information to reach its destination.  The packets of information don’t even have to take the same route to get finally get put together for us to access.  This is really fortunate as Jack told everyone that Sharks have been known to eat these cables!

The children had the opportunity of asking Jack any questions on his presentations – which he was pleased to answer.  We also learned that Jack had used AI to create some of the slides in his presentation – the pink cat was his personal favourite.  Mrs Bull was pleased to tell the children that in the future a job is being created where we need to correctly program AI with the correct terminology so that AI pictures can be generated.

We all applauded Jack for his extremely informative assembly and closed the assembly with the school prayer.  Mrs Bull wished everyone a good learning day ahead.