Year 4 Enjoy Recreating Picasso

Cubism changed the way people looked at painting and art. It also influenced later art styles. Pioneered in Frace around 1907 by Pablo Picasso and George Braque, Year 4 recreated their own pictures together.

To appreciate use of colour and technique, Pablo Picasso’s Mediterranean Landscape was split into quarters and worked on by individuals before re-assembling as a whole.






“We used oil pastels to complete a quarter of the picture. Everyone had a different quarter to complete. I enjoyed using the oil pastels to complete my part but it was a bit messy! When we put all the quarters together it was amazing to see how much our pictures looked like Picasso’s”  Valentina

“Some of us used oil pastels, others used water colours and some children used colouring pencils. Once we had all finished our parts of the picture, we stuck them together and they looked very colourful. Most of us thought the picture was Pablo Picasso’s childhood home.” Reeva