Bee Ready Competition

Before half-term Vikki and her team invited the children to enter a competition to create a poster showing what hungry bees can feast on when they come out of hibernation.  The children would also have to consider how the bumblebees play such an important role in our food system.  Everyone on the team was over whelmed with the response that they received and thrilled to see how imaginative the children were.

The winners of the competition would receive a certificate and a flower garden starter kit for their classroom. The whole class can then nurture the flowers and watch them grow – inside to start with, and then pots can be popped outside from April onward for the hungry bees to enjoy.

Congratulations to the winners – Jack in 6Z, Robyn in 3B, Scarlett in 3G and Lavinia in 1V.  The team felt that Teddy in 4G definitely deserved to win the most creative award for his wonderful recreation of bees in a spring garden.