Celebration Assembly

The school gathered into the hall to share the achievements that had been made during the last week.

Kairo and Jesse in 3B, Margaux and Marnie in 4B – they were all delighted to gain their Pen Licence from their teachers.  The children also shared their out of school achievements with the school – Ayla in 3B and Alice in UKF were delighted to share their skiing medals with everyone.

















Miss Gilbert was thrilled to tell everyone that the recent Readathon had raised around £1,000 for charity which will go to a local children’s hospital.   She awarded books to the children who had read a lot of books towards the readathon.  Well done to everybody who helped to raise this magnificent sum of money.


















Vikki told the school that there had been over 180 entries for the Bee Competition.  This amount of entries was the highest that had been achieved by any school that had entered.  Vikki and her team thanked everyone for their lovely and inventive work.  She was pleased to announce that Jack in 6Z was the overall winner, the runners up were Scarlett in 3B, Robyn in 3B, Lavinia in 1V.  Teddy in 3G was given an award for the most creative entry. Well done to the winners and to everyone who took the time to enter.  Choosing the winners was an extremely difficult task!


















The children stood up and were applauded by everyone when they gained their Merit Certificate from their teachers, Star of the Week Certificate from their peers and Science Certificates from Mrs Carter.  Before the children were dismissed Mrs Doherty wished them a good and happy week with their learning.