Reception United Kingdom & British Values Assembly

Reception Haq welcomed everybody to their class assembly on Wednesday 28th February. Their class assembly was about Britain, which is also called the United Kingdom.

The children took turns to come up to the microphone and clearly inform everyone that the United Kingdom is an island and it has four countries in it. England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Each child showed the audience a picture of each individual countries flag and the name of their capital city. When these four countries combine together they are known the United Kingdom, and we were shown the Union Jack flag.

The children also wanted to speak about the ‘British Values’, which teach us to respect one another.  We learned that it teaches us about the freedom to make decisions, everybody following the same law, being treated in the same way and allowing us to vote for what we think is right. British Values show us about respecting people even if they have different beliefs to us. The children then sang “I Vow to The My Country” – which everyone applauded.

Everyone enjoyed the children coming forward and showing pictures of special structures or buildings from each of the different countries in the United Kingdom. We were amazed by how many beautiful and interesting places there are. Finally the audience was shown a picture of London at sunrise and the children performed “Morning Has Broken” by Cat Stevens. Many of the parent knew the words and softly sang along too.

The assembly was brought to a close by the children singing their final song, which reminded them of our British Values – “Imagine” by John Lennon. The prayer thanked God for giving us a chance to appreciate how special and beautiful this country is and blessing all of us with goodness.

Mrs Haq was extremely proud of how wonderfully the children performed to their audience. It was a lovely assembly appreciated by all.