Reception Gowland – The Highway Rat Assembly

We were delighted to enjoy “The Highway Rat” being performed by Reception Gowland in the hall.

“The Highway Rat was a baddie.

The Highway Rat was a beast.

He took what he wanted and ate what he took.

His life was one long feast.”

The words of Julia Donaldson were beautifully enacted and we discovered that the Highway Rat demands to every animal he meets –

“Who goes there? Give me your pastries and puddings! Give me your chocolates and cake! For I am the Rat of the Highway and whatever I want I take.”

The children learnt that it was not good to take from people and that we needed to be caring to everyone, in all we do and in all we say.

The Highway Rat got his just desserts in the end when he wanders into a dark cave, finally coming out on the other side of the hill.  He is now a thinner, greyer and meeker Rat, who robs no more.  He landed a job in a cake shop and still works there sweeping the floor.

The audience clapped loudly at this wonderful tale, as everyone had enjoyed the singing and acting that the children had performed.  It was a wonderful assembly and a lovely way of showing how it is always good to be kind and try to fill your day with love and laughter.