Reception Marks Assembly

Reception Marks held their assembly on “Emotions” in the hall on Wednesday 13th March.  Leopold told everyone that reception have been learning how to be sensitive to others feelings.

Each child took turns to come to the front of the stage and inform us that that have learnt to be kind, to listen respectfully and to treat others how they would like to be treated.

It was wonderful to hear the children sing their songs “Wake Up” and “Keep on Smiling” during the assembly.  We then learnt from everyone what were the things that made them smile – Arthur saying “I feel loved when mummy and daddy hug me.” William told us “I feel excited when it’s my birthday,” and Hudson shared “I feel excited when it’s Christmas.”

So how do you know how somebody is feeling? Ava informed us “Look at their face.  Are they smiling or are they frowning?” They also noticed that our bodies might look different when we feel different emotions.

At the end of this lovely assembly George told the audience that the class where feeling happy today and you could tell by looking at the smiles on everyone’s faces.  The song that made them happy was “Happy” by Pharrell Williams and we enjoyed watching the children having a dance to this wonderful song.

Miss Gowland thought this was a wonderful assembly and she was so impressed with how well everyone remembered their lines, told us how to think about emotions and danced with so much joy.