Richard in 5H – Essex U10 Hockey Championships

On Sunday 10th March, Richard in 5H took part in the Essex Hockey Championship U10 representing Crostyx hockey club and won the gold medal with his teammates.

Richard was delighted to share with us how much he enjoys playing hockey.

“I initially went to join the club because my older brother was already playing.  I found that I liked it so much that I was really happy to join my own team.

We practice on Saturday mornings for about an hour and a half and we play our matches on Sundays.  I used to be a defender but now I’m a striker up front.  It is really fast paced and I am sure that it has helped my sporting skills because you really need to be quick and take your chances to score.  My accuracy is always being put to the test.

The coaches are really good and they help us develop our skills and ensure that our dribbling, general fitness and understanding of  the tactics of the game are always being reviewed.  The team is from a lot of different schools and it is good to play together and make new friends.  At the moment I really think that I will be playing this game for quite a few years because it is so enjoyable.”

Richard and his teammates will be representing Crostyx in the finals at Harleston Magpies Hockey Club in Norfolk on the 27th April.

Coopersale Hall is thrilled with Richard and his teammate’s achievement and wish them luck for their forthcoming final.