1C Assembly on Toys

Year 1 C welcomed everybody to their class assembly all about toys.  They began by retelling one of their favourite stories “Lost in the Toy Museum” by David Lucas. 

The children looked wonderful in their costumes and we learned that when the lights went out at the toy museum and the doors were locked, all the toys woke up.  They bounced off the shelves, giddy and laughing and squeaking with delight.  

The toys assembled for inspection and Bunting the old toy cat called the register, counting all the toys…twice…just to be sure no one was missing.  They all warmed up to make sure that their seams didn’t come apart!  Usually they would make themselves comfortable and listen to Bunting telling them the history of toys.

But not that night, it was different and all the toys ran away. Bunting looked carefully around the hall and even inspected behind Mrs Doherty to see where they toys were hiding.  What were the toys up to sneaking away and was this a way to respect him?  Suddenly…SURPRISE.. the toys all leap out of nowhere and Bunting had to admit it was a bit of an adventure.  It was lovely to hear the children sing “You’ve got a friend in me” among others.

In their topic lessons the children had thought about their favourite toys and everyone agreed on how much they loved their teddy bears – and we enjoyed listening and watching them dance to “Teddy-Bear Rock.”

The assembly closed with a prayer and thanking everyone for coming to their class assembly.  It was truly magical and everyone definitely enjoyed it.

Miss Crick is so proud of the Year 1 children for working fantastically as a team.