Year 5’s Toy Sale

Year 5 have recently held a toy sale with the proceeds going to charity – The Dream Factory.  These are the thoughts of children regarding this experience:

Xander –

On the weekend before the toy sale we all cleared our houses for things we didn’t need, didn’t want and didn’t love.

The first day of the sale, Monday 19th March,  we raised £54.00 on top of the £30.00 float that we had.  On the Wednesday 21st March we raised £85.27, so therefore in total we raised £169.27 with the £30.00 float, which we will be donating also, giving us a final total of £200.00.

We sold a lot of items and would like to thank everyone who bought something from us.  The remaining toys were donated to Teatime Club and the books into the library.

The Dream Factory is a charity that allows children who have very serious illnesses the chance to fulfil a dream that they would dearly love to have.  I think this must be lovely for them and also for their families.  I really enjoyed being a part of this charity toy sale as it is very worthwhile and kind.


Henry –

This week we got people to donate toys and we made a toy sale to raise money for The Dream Factory charity.

The Dream Factory is a hospice that looks after children that have incurable diseases like cancer, and those children that will soon be no longer with their families.

For the toy sale we had six stalls, one for cars and figures, one for dressing up and sword things, one for stuffed toys and plushies, one for books and finally one for puzzles and games.

We held the sale on two afternoons and in total we raised a whopping £200.00 pounds.  We all really enjoyed taking part in this activity and it allowed us to think about what a wonderful thing The Dream Factory did for children who are not as lucky as we are.


Mrs Howard was very proud of how industrious her class was with organising and being a part of this toy sale.  The children worked as a wonderful team and were proud to donate towards this wonderful charity.

The Dream Factory issued a certificate to Year 5 for their efforts.  Well done Year 5!