Year 4 Create Mosaics

In art over the last few weeks, Year 4 have been designing and making their own mosaic pieces. First, the children planned their ideas on to a grid which helped them organise their thoughts with sizes, shape and pattern. Pupils then used MDF as a base similar to the size of a coaster along with PVA to stick tiles on to the base.

The children had a wide variety of different size and coloured mosaic tiles to choose from including glass tiles, ceramic and vitreous tiles. Once the pieces had set, the children used a child friendly grout as an adhesive to fill in the gaps and hold the tiles firmly in place. The children were very careful to wipe off the residue and clean up the individual tiles so that their patterns and images could shine through.

It was a very messy process but everyone worked very hard! The children did a great job from start to finish, working hard to produce their finished result. All of the pieces look stunning in the sunlight and all the children are very pleased with their efforts. Well done Year 4! From Mrs Graves and Mrs Burgess.