Year 6 Bikeability Course

This year, Year 6 completed the Bikeability challenge and test. There were two separate groups that had two days to show what they could do.

In the morning of the first day, all pupils had to bring in their bikes (there were some really bright and bold ones, ones with special horns, even ones that were huge compared to others).

Year 6 had to walk their bikes down to the Astroturf to learn how to mount, steer and how to use the brakes on their bikes. They also learned how to fit their helmets on properly. Pupils cycled around the astro-turf and learned how to ride behind people without crashing at a stop, having the chance to show the instructors what level they could ride at and if the children were ready to go on the roads. Year 6 also learnt how to safely go in different directions to other people and then forming a snake behind a specific person. The instructors then taught everyone how to signal to turn, stop and look.

In the afternoon pupils got to take their bikes on to the roads and were taught about primary and secondary position so we knew where to go when we turned and cycled.

On the second day of their course,  pupils recapped everything from the day before and excitedly went straight to the roads. They did lots of drills, learning how to turn into and out of junctions. After lunch they were taught about the different road signs and were tested on them.

On the way back, pupils had to cycle up the hill that took us back to school, and as it was steep! When finally back in school the classes all sat down in the courtyard and shared something they learned within the course to earn their badges for completing Bikeability level two.

Well done to everyone in Year 6 who put lots of effort into this challenge and a big thank you to all of the teachers who made this possible.