Year 5, 6 & 7 Visit Boulogne

On Monday, the 25th March 2024, Year 5 to 7 children from Coopersale Hall School took a day trip to Boulogne. We arrived at Coopersale Hall by 5:00am to board the coach for the long journey to Boulogne, France. After a trip through the Eurotunnel, we arrived in France just after 10am French time. Our first destination was the chocolate factory where we were greeted by our tour guide. He gave us small samples of chocolate which were great! We entered the factory shortly after he told us about how their chocolate was made and the names of the machines. There, we saw the process of it being made.























Our second destination was the Nausicaa Aquarium. Before we saw the creatures we ate lunch; the baguettes were extra tasty. We then went through the entrance to the main exhibit. There was so much to look at – jellyfish, sea lions and sharks and we definitely should not forget the massive stingray that was clearly the boss! There were many different perspectives of the ocean including the ‘Ocean by Night’ exhibit where we saw the tiny lantern fish and loads of coral, all different colours.

































On our way back, we stopped for dinner. We all ordered and paid for our meals independently and, as we ate, we reflected on the great day we had had in France. On the coach we had some silent time and we watched Toy Story 3. We had a great day but were grateful to be finally heading back home.

By Felix, Poppy and Ivyt