Science Week

This half term in Science, pupils have been taking part in British Science Week. Pupils in KS2 prepared their own presentations, some were experiments, some were videos or PowerPoints. They then presented to their class, all were very interesting and all the classes learnt a lot from their peers. Reception and KS1followed the theme for British Science Week, which was ‘Time’. They completed a number of different timed challenges, working individually and as teams to complete the challenge and record their times accurately.

Running along side this, there was an ISA poster competition, which a large number of pupils took part in. There were a great selection of entries to chose from, which have been attached, but I was only able to enter 5 from Coopersale Hall School.

The 5 entrants are:

Jaini Yr1

Scarlett Yr3

Robyn Yr3

Margaux Yr4

Emilia Yr5