Year 3 become History Detectives

We were delighted to invite Catherine Hammond from Epping District Museum into our Year 3 classrooms for a workshop on WWII. The children were very engaged with learning how this effected the lives of the people in our own county.

Within the workshop Catherine shared with us a picture of Waltham Abbey high street after it had been bombed. We then listened to an audio interview that she had made with a gentleman who at 15, was working as a mechanic on the day that the bomb dropped.  Catherine conveyed to everyone that it was always important to consider many different experiences from the war for us to gain a good understanding of this period in history.

The children were then asked to be history detectives. They were split into groups and were given objects to carefully look over, discuss what they noticed and then to decide what they thought it had been used for.

Jessie – 3B – “The most interesting thing was that the events we learned about were all near here and that we could see how the war effected people’s lives.”

Luke – 3G – “I think that the workshop was really fun and amazing that we could hold a model of a real life bomb!”

We all thanked Catherine for her time and expressed our pleasure at such a wonderful afternoon. Mrs Biddle and Miss Gilbert were delighted with the lively discussions and the well-considered questions that the children asked. We done Year 3!