Young Quills Competition 2024

A huge thank you to Felicity, Delilah, Valentina (Year 4), Elena, Poppy and Simran (Year 6) who volunteered to take part in this year’s Young Quills 2024 competition run by the Historical Association. The children all chose to read a new historical fiction book selected by the Association for this year. There were many exciting new titles from different periods of history to choose from!

After reading their book, their job was to write a review. The reviews were sent off to the Historical Association for consideration and we will be informed which titles and authors have made the “shortlist” on their website soon.

Mrs Graves to delighted to learn that Poppy’s (Year 6) review of “The Song Walker” and Simran’s (Year 6) review of “Blackbeard’s Treasure” have made it onto the Historical Association’s website for Young Quills 2024. The girls were delighted and inspired that their review is available for so many people to consider. Well done.

All the children have been awarded House Points for their efforts. A selection of the new historical fiction books available will be added to the library so that others in the school may have the chance to enjoy them. Mrs Graves would like to thank all the girls for their wonderful efforts.

Read their reviews at the links below.

Poppy’s (Y6) review of ‘The Song Walker’:

Simran’s (Y6) review of  ‘Blackbeard’s Treasure’ :