Year 3 Ancient Greeks Workshop

Year 3 were delighted to enjoy an Ancient Greece workshop presented by Catherine Hammond from Epping District Museum.

The children were given artefacts and considered what these objects could tells us about Ancient Greek fashion and life, it also let us consider what facts that these artefacts could not answer.  The children were very engaged and asked really interesting questions that helped them to think about what life for the Ancient Greeks could be like.

We felt that it was very important for the Greeks to be well dressed and that they were probably wealthy and powerful, able to afford jewelry.  We also realised that the images on the artefacts did not show us how the poor of Ancient Greek were represented.

The workshop was very intriguing and really made us think about what we were investigating and considering.  We felt that the Gods were one of the most important thing to them, nearly as much as looking beautiful.

Everyone thanked Catherine for her time and for the wonderful way she made us consider how we could better understand the Ancient Greeks.