Year 6 PGL Liddington

Year 6 children from Coopersale Hall School spent an adventure-filled time at PGL Liddington. Each day the children were up early and, after a delicious breakfast, they were off to spend the day outside, involved in all sorts of activities. Although there was a little rain, the weather was generally fine and did not dampen the children’s spirits.

Throughout the week, children had the opportunity to challenge themselves and to try a range of different activities. They swung from crazy heights, climbed vertical walls and leapt across a substantial gap when swinging on the trapeze. For some, their proudest moments were being able to spend an extended period of time away from home and having great fun while doing it.

Each day, the children’s PGL group leader supervised additional games and in the evenings helped supervise while they played life-size Cluedo, danced at the disco and took part in a group quiz. It was a truly fun-packed week. This will be a time that the children will remember, long after moving on to secondary school.