Coopersale Hall School Commemorate the 80th Anniversary of D-Day

The children assembled in the hall to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day. Mrs. Graves was pleased to share a video about the D-Day 80th anniversary and the events happening around the country in other towns and villages. The children learned in assembly why fish and chips were a significant staple during the war and why National Fish and Chip Day was being celebrated nationally on the same day as the D-Day anniversary. Our school therefore had a delicious fish and chip lunch prepared by our wonderful catering team who also provided an interesting fish tasting selection. During the assembly, the book Finding Alfie by Michael Morpurgo was displayed. This is a new book written especially for the 80th anniversary and has been added to the library for all to enjoy.  Assembly ended with “The Poem for Schools,” “The Proclamation,” “The Tribute,” and a prayer being read by the Head Boy, Head Girl and a member of Humanities Club. The children also had the opportunity to take part in two D-Day competitions leading up to the 80th anniversary; decorating a potato in the theme of World War Two, and also a dinner plate competition. Thank you to those children who made the effort to take part , the winners will be announced in due course!