Year 3 at Epping Field Studies Centre

On Thursday 6th June, Year 3 visited the Epping Field Study Centre to take part in a teamwork and communication survival day.

Before Year 3 could set off into Epping Forest, the instructors at the field centre wanted to ensure that everyone could read and understand how to follow the bearing points of a compass. The children listened very carefully and understood that once a compass bearing had been plotted, they would identify an unmoving landmark and proceed ahead.

Once we had mastered this important survival skill, we set off in our groups and used our compasses to follow the signed route that our instructors had set, then unscrambled the anagram of letters found at each sign-post.  Nobody got lost!

After lunch, we were given a scavenger list of items to find from the forest floor. Finally, the children worked together and communicated in teams to build a den.  Once constructed each team told the class what features their den had, and discussed what improvements they would have made if they had more time.

The instructors were very impressed by the dens made and how everyone communicated with each other.  Miss Gilbert and Mrs. Biddle were delighted that the children had such a marvelous day and how well they listened and communicated with each other and the instructors – well done Year 3!