Mystery at Magpie Manor Production

Hats off to our amazing Coopersale Hall pupils for their captivating performance of ‘Mystery at Magpie Manor’!

The children transported their audience back to the glamour of the Roaring Twenties for the ‘whodunnit’ production.

Steeped in legend and intrigue, Magpie Manor is in a great state of disrepair, and Lord and Lady Pica must take drastic action to save their crumbling manor house. The clan is gathered, and together with Mr. Fortune, the bank manager, and his bumbling assistants, they come up with a plan to sell off the family silver. But as the rich and famous guests arrive for the auction ball, strange things start occurring. When the family heirloom is unveiled, it has disappeared! Inspector Spectre is straight on the case, aided by none other than Agatha Christie. It seems that everyone has a motive, from the servants and cheeky tradesmen to Cousin Rupert and his grasping American fiancée.

The children truly enjoyed being part of this wonderful performance. The hard work and dedication of the entire cast made it an unforgettable evening. Here are some of their thoughts about the event:

Ruby – Year 7: “It was exciting that my character was being ‘proposed’ to. I really enjoyed having a solo to perform.”

Poppy – Year 6: “The audience had to really use their ‘smarts’ to work out the clues.”

Blaise – Year 6: “It was really fun to perform, and everyone enjoyed it. My whole family came to see me, and they were proud of my performance.”

Emilia – Year 5: “It was fun doing the Charleston, and my dress was just perfect! I really enjoyed being part of the show.”

Henry C – Year 5: “I was ‘Boots’, a footman – not a job I would like to do now, but it was a lovely role in the play. I really enjoyed it.”

Xander – Year 5: “I was a ‘magpie’ in the play. I think our costumes were great. I really enjoyed the play; it was very good.”

Well done to everyone on stage and behind the scenes that came together to create this wonderful event.